“Industry professionals such as trainers, coaches and instructors are on the front line of health and fitness. They have the most contact with everyday people out of all healthcare professionals, therefore have the most potential for positive influence.” – Phil

“Teaching fitness professionals… It is always an honor to stand in front of such motivated, proactive and positive people. Working together, we can bring balance to the galaxy.” – Ryan

Club and Mace Essentials

Benefits of Club and Mace training include:

  • Improved cerebellum function (better coordination)
  • Improved thoracic spine health
  • Healthy hands and wrists
  • A grip to be reckoned with
  • Real-world strength
  • A torso of steel
  • Strong, resilient and healthy shoulders

You will learn:

  • Basic club and mace patterns and exercises
  • Progressions for advanced Indian club patterns
  • Basic transitions from one Indian club pattern to another
  • Progressions and teaching points for the traditional mace exercises
  • Workout ideas and programming concepts

You will receive:

  • Access to a little video library containing breakdowns and demos of all the content we covered
  • A certificate of attendance and 0.7 NASM CEUs (AWAITING NASM APPROVAL)
  • A PDF workbook containing checklists for all the movements we cover
  • An amazing experience with like-minded swingers and a heck of a workout!

For Details On Hosting A Workshop or Certification, Please Contact Phil McDougall Using the Form Below:

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